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    Anna Vissi - Watch The Performance On Live Stream At The Gala Dinner On The 8th July In Support Of All 9 Special Needs Schools In Cyprus

    The Yianis Christodoulou Foundation is pleased to offer to the public the opportunity to watch Anna Vissi perform live at the gala dinner taking place on the 8th of July for the benefit of the children attending all 9 special needs public schools in Cyprus.

    Interested audience, not only in Cyprus but worldwide, can watch Anna Vissi live streaming for free or can donate towards the cause of the event, if they wish. More details about the live streaming will be announced very soon. Taking this opportunity, we would like to express once again our great appreciation for Anna’s voluntary participation.

    The Yianis Christodoulou Foundation focuses predominately on vulnerable children and covers all funds of various projects aiming to upgrade their learning and living environment while offering opportunities for the cultivation of their talents, creativity and interests. It is noted that all operational costs of the foundation are fully covered by the Yianis Group and the Founder, Mr John Christodoulou. This maximizes the utilisation of all funds and donations for the benefit of children in need.

    The Foundation has completed various projects internationally, and in Cyprus. Among the projects implemented in Cyprus are the following:-

    - The renovation of and the purchase of equipment and furniture for the Children’s House in Nicosia and Larnaca in cooperation with the Social Services of the Ministry of Welfare, Labour and Social Insurance.

    - The upgrade of outdoor basket-ball courts in various public primary schools, the purchase of gymnastic equipment and the construction of shelter to protect children from the rain and the sun, as well as the purchase and installation of seats in multi-purpose sport centre. - The renovation of classrooms and the creation of high tech lab rooms with new IT equipment and interactive board.

    - The purchase of music equipment for SISTEMA CYPRUS for the provision of free music education to all children, especially to the ones who are deprived and vulnerable.

    - The organisation of school competitions with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, such as the ‘Keep Fit and Healthy’ which promoted the well being among teenagers aiming to empower them to stay away from addictive substances through non-contact boxing. The competition was supported by the visit of a delegation of world champion boxers, coaches from the UK National Boxing Association and athletes from the UK. All prizes won have been utilised by the schools for the construction of shelters, kiosks or the purchase of necessary equipment.

    - The support during Covid-19 pandemic and the delivery of 6,500 ‘Thank you’ packages to health workers in all public hospitals across Cyprus.

    The Yianis Christodoulou Foundation has taken the initiative to support special needs schools in Cyprus to upgrade their facilities and improve the services provided to disabled children and children with special needs. This follows the cooperation of the Foundation with several special schools last year as part of the Pancyprian Special School Competition entitled HANDS UP FOR ALL. During our previous work undertaken we realised the emerging need to respond to the specific requirements of children with disabilities or special needs. Therefore, the aim of this event will be to support all 9 special needs public schools in Cyprus.