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    Completed! Construction of Kiosk At School Of The Deaf – Nicosia – Cyprus

    In 2019 the School of the Deaf were awarded the 3rd prize at the ‘Hands Up for all School Competition,’ that was organised amongst all special public schools in Cyprus. The prize meant that the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation got the opportunity to fund the construction of their kiosk, that we can officially unveil as complete! The Yianis Christodoulou Foundation remains focused on ensuring the access to quality education and skill development for all school age children regardless of their socioeconomical background and that’s why we are passionate about supporting projects like this. The school will be further supported with the amount of €33.333 for the purchase and installation of professional electrical appliances for the vocational catering programme of the students supporting them to enter the world of work. The official opening ceremony was organised on the 26th of May in the presence of Mr John Christodoulou, Foundation Ambassadors Christian Moore, Film Director (the son of the famous actor Roger Moore), Constantinos Charalambides, successful international ex-football player and coach of the national U17 team and Eleni C, Singer/Songwriter, as well as students, parents, and the staff of the school.