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    Cyprus, along with the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation and Konstantinos Argyros, broke the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!

    With 4,073 people from all over Cyprus, the huge human chain turned into a powerful driving force and broke the Guinness World Record, achieving an international distinction yesterday, June 25, at the GSP Stadium in Nicosia.

    Nicosia triumphantly managed to surpass the record held by the city of Kyoto, Japan, a city of 1.5 million residents in a country of 125 million, proving that yes, a small country can achieve difficult goals through cooperation.

    Since yesterday, Cyprus has been celebrating to the rhythms of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, writing a history of cooperation, solidarity, and volunteerism. A quite difficult record, the "Longest Alternating Human Chain Holding Wrists" for 1 minute, became a reality, making the initiative of the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation and Konstantinos Argyros absolutely successful.

    The human chain was energized by Konstantinos Argyros himself, expressing his love for Cyprus, saying, "Cyprus holds a special place in my heart, I am always by your side!" He reminded everyone that there is still "Hope" for a better world filled with love and mutual support.

    The chain included well-known personalities such as Elpida Iakovidou, Bishop Nikiforos of Kykkos, Koullis Nicolaou, officials from the Ministry of Education and teachers' organizations, and prominent businessmen.

    Noteworthy was the attendance of individuals with Special Abilities, who defied difficulties and participated strongly.

    Mr. John Christodoulou, visibly moved, stated:

    "Today we show that it is not the size of the country that counts, but the size of the mind, the cooperation, and the vision. Today, 4098 people and many volunteers came here despite the heat. Thank you all.

    Today we once again put Cyprus on the international map of achievements.

    We broke the record for a purpose. We held our wrists looking backwards and forwards. Just as we must not forget the past, we must always look to the future, together.

    Unity, peace, cooperation, and strength.

    In 25 days it will be 50 years since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. We must find the strength and unity to resolve this if we do not want this situation to continue for another 50 years. My vision is for a free Cyprus. Anything is possible. We need our children and grandchildren to have a safe future."

    The popular Andri Karantoni was the presenter at the event, while the "Official Witness" according to Guinness guidelines was the well-known Ellie Symons from Australia with roots in Cyprus.

    The successful realization of the chain was overseen by Guinness representatives who travelled to Cyprus specifically for this purpose, as well as 200 supervisors and volunteers.

    A spectacular concert followed for all participants, with the beloved Konstantinos Argyros, which captivated young and old, especially when the artist, wearing the Cypriot flag, sang the Cypriot song "Eleftheros" with thousands of white scarves waving in the audience.

    The Yianis Christodoulou Foundation, founded by Cypriot entrepreneur John Christodoulou, has been recognized in many countries for its charitable work in the fields of education, welfare of vulnerable groups, and promoting Cyprus abroad. The achievement of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS is another significant step in the Foundation's mission for positive impact on society and positive promotion of Cyprus abroad.

    The event was supported by, among others, the European University of Nicosia, Agios Nikolaos water, Eurobank Cyprus, the Nicosia Tourism Board, and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.