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    Pancyprian Competition 'Love Cyprus'

    The Yianis Christodoulou Foundation announces the launching of a Pancyprian competition, entitled ‘LOVE CYPRUS’. The competition is open to public primary, secondary and VET schools and their students that can participate with individual or group entries.


    The competition has 6 prizes, three for each of the two categories (as explained further in the regulations) with a total amount of €170.000 (one hundred and seventy thousand euro) which will be awarded as follows:
    • First Prize €50.000
    • Second Prize €25.000
    • Third Prize €10.000
    The prize money will be used for the implementation of projects (e.g. infrastructure, renovation, purchase of equipment) in each school, based on the approval of the proposal submitted. Each proposal will be discussed and amended, if necessary, in consultation with all the competition stakeholders, including MOEC, Directorate of Primary Education, School Board, Technical Services of MOEC etc. and will be implemented once all approvals have been issued. The proposal can be modified if needed.

    Aims of the competition

    The main aim of the competition is to provide opportunities for students to develop their creative skills, their inspiration and initiatives for the promotion of the culture, customs, music, art and nature of Cyprus, both for local, European and international visitors. Based on the initiatives to be taken, students will act as young promoters of their regions aiming to promote its local – regional – national traditions, nature, music, dance, art etc., through the following:

    • A short video showing a dance (traditional dance from Cyprus or Greek dance) 60 seconds.
    • A photo that presents nature, culture and customs of Cyprus for tourists (preferably in their local-regional area).

    Both of the above, will be accompanied with a catchy phrase that will trigger the interest of visitors/audience, as well as, 100 words useful information supporting their selection.

    It is noted that with the slogan “LOVE CYPRUS” all entries to be submitted by the public primary or secondary schools will have to promote Cyprus, not only as a tourist destination, but its culture, hospitality, friendliness, warmth, traditions, music, art and scenery.

    All entries to be selected will be presented on the official website of the  Yianis Christodoulou Foundation, the social media, as well as any other type of promotion material. Following an agreement with participants, entries can be also utilized to promote Cyprus as part of the national campaign of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

    Eligible participants:

    The competition is open to students attending public primary, secondary or technical schools during the academic year 2022-23.  The above students are eligible to enter the competition as representatives of their school. Entry into the competition is entirely voluntary and may be by individual students, or by groups.

    Award Ceremony

    The final stage of the competition for the 6 finalists to be awarded (3 in each category), as well as, the official award ceremony will be organised on the 3rd April 2023 in Limassol, in the presence of well-known artists such as Constantinos Argyros who will perform live.

    For an application form please visit the Latest News section.