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    The Strategic Philanthropy of The Foundation & Its Founder John Christodoulou

    The Founder of the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation Mr John Christodoulou, supported by his entourage that included the Ambassadors of the Foundation Christian Moore, Film Director (the son of the famous actor Roger Moore), Constantinos Charalambides, successful international ex-football player and coach of the national U17 team, as well as Eleni C, Singer/Songwriter, visited on the 26th and 27th of May various public schools and community centres in Cyprus that have benefitted from the support of the charity. Mr John Christodoulou arrived at the Aglantzia Gymnasium where he was afforded a warm welcomed by the students and staff. For the opening ceremony of the refurbished outdoor courts he was joined by the Mayor of Aglantzia, the President of the local School Board and the director of the Technical Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth. The Yianis Christodoulou Foundation has covered the cost for the purchase and installation of multi-sport flooring to ensure the safety of the students. The head teacher of the school thanked deeply Mr Christodoulou for the donation. In his speech Mr Christodoulou reiterated that his Foundation is committed to support the development of team sports, through the use of safe courts, as they enhanced the physical and mental development of young people. Prior to the ceremony Mr Christodoulou had the pleasure to answer students’ questions in a podcast. The students were eager to learn more about his life and the ‘ingredients’ of his successful career and his plans for the future. The second stop on the Foundation’s school visits was the School for the Deaf where Mr Christodoulou was warmly welcomed by the students, parents, and the staff of the school who shared with him their vision for the school and their concerns. Mr Christodoulou reaffirmed that one of the aims of the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation is to support the provision of high quality education to all school age children regardless of their abilities, colour or race. The Yianis Christodoulou Foundation has covered the cost of the construction of a kiosk as part of the HANDS UP FOR ALL competition organised among all special public schools. It is noted that the YCF will further support all 9 special schools with the amount of €300.00 for various upgrades. The School for the Deaf will utilise the amount of €33.333 for the purchase and installation of professional electrical appliances for the catering lab of the VET programme thus supporting deaf students to enter the world of work. The Kaimakli After School Club was the last stop of the first day of the school tour. The children, staff, members of the Steering Committee and representatives of Kaimakli Community warmly welcomed the Foundation, with Cyprus songs, delights and cards specifically prepared by the children. In his opening speech Mr John Christodoulou reiterated that him and his Foundation are happy to offer their support for the community of Kaimakli, an area closed to his heart by upgrading the playground of the Club and the installation of outdoor equipment for the children. The children joined the Ambassador of the Foundation Eleni C in an impromptu sing along and they presented their own poems and speeches to welcome Mr John Christodoulou and thank him for the support of his Foundation. Mr Christodoulou took the time to tour the renovations of the kitchen that are currently under way and to carefully listen to the progress report of the project. The last stop on the Cyprus School Tour of the Founder of the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation , was at Iamatiki Whole-day Primary School located in Eptagoneia – Limassol, an area severely affected by the fire outbreaks last July. Mr John Christodoulou, his entourage and the Foundation Ambassadors Eleni C, Christian Moore and Constantinos Charalambides were pleased to observe the newly renovated school kitchen and the professional cooking lab, funded by the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation. Mr John Christodoulou says that his Foundation is committed to ‘offer its support for the upgrade of the teaching, learning and living facilities of all children in need’. It is noted that Mr Christodoulou was touched by the damages of the fire outbreaks last year, so an amount of €65.000 raised as part of the Charity Gala Dinner organised last July in Limassol was allocated to support the children living in the communities being affected. To mark the occasion, the foundation gave gifts to all the children they met throughout the two-day school tour. As announced this week, The Yianis Christodoulou Foundation is currently implementing various projects worth of €350.000 to support all 9 public special schools in Cyprus, but also the Royal McDonalds House that will host the families of children that face a long-term hospital stay, the Alethriko Public Kindergarten with new safety flooring for the playground and many others. ‘Helping and empowering children is the main priority of the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation, as our future depends on them”