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    Update On  'Hearing Dogs For Deaf People'

    River… River is well and truly settled in his child partnership with 13 year old Phoebe for over a year. They have been inseparable ever since. They are best friends and always have time to stop for a cuddle. Phoebe says: “We can’t imagine life without him”. Yianis… This handsome boy celebrates his third birthday. Yianis has had a few setbacks to his hearing dog journey. The COVID-19 pandemic has naturally delayed his training and he had a fall in which he sustained a Carpal fracture and had to have surgery. The operation went well, and the good news is that there have been no complications with his recovery and he’s not required any further treatment. As a consequence of his injury, Yianis role as a hearing dog has been adjusted to match his health and welfare needs. He will become a Sound Support Dog and will help a deaf person who needs help with sounds in the home but no when they are out and about. Once his training is complete, Yianis will be matched with a suitable deaf applicant and go on to be a life-changing companion in his new role for many years to come.