Visit of The Foundation’s Founder John Christodoulou At 3rd Kaimakli Primary School & The Nicosia Special Needs School

The Founder of the ‘Yianis Christodoulou Foundation’, Mr. John Christodoulou visited on Monday, October 11th the Nicosia Special Needs School. The Foundation responded immediately to the new needs created after the publication of the vandalism that took place last August, which resulted in the theft or destruction of important school equipment for children with disabilities and special needs. The Foundation covered the cost of replacing gym equipment, video projector and other equipment that the school needed immediately. It is noted that the Foundation supported the school during the last academic year by covering the cost of renovating the kitchen that is used as a space for the promotion of social skills / life skills of children through a relevant educational program.

The children welcomed Mr. Christodoulou with Tziatista, while the school head teacher thanked Mr Christodoulou for his support and donation to the school. The head teachers took him around the school and informed him about the work being done, as well as about the projects planned with the support of the Foundation for the next academic year. As announced, in addition to the above, the Foundation will also donate € 33,000 to the Nicosia Special School to upgrade its infrastructure and purchase new educational resources. A total donation of € 300,000 will be granted to all 9 public special schools as a result of the Charity Gala Dinner that was organized last July 2021 by the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation.

On Tuesday, October 12th, Mr. John Christodoulou visited the 3rd Primary School of Kaimakli and attended the event organized by Nicosia School Board and the teaching staff of the school on the occasion of the completion of the shelter at the school’s outdoor basketball court. It is noted that the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation contributed greatly to it’s construction. The shelter was deemed necessary to ensure the continuous provision of physical education and sports to the children during the summer and winter months, especially within the all-day and summer school programme. The ‘Υianis Christodoulou Foundation’ had also covered in 2019 the upgrade of the basket-ball court with the installation of a multi-sporting flooring and the purchase of equipment for P.E.

The shelter is the 3rd project in this school, since previously the Foundation had fully covered the costs for the creation of a multimedia and a computer lab. The Foundation covered the cost for creating a high tech lab with modern equipment, laptops, tablets, interactive touch screen, air conditioner and special furniture.

The event was attended by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Mr. Prodromos Prodromou and other high level officials of the Directorate of Primary Education, the President and members of Nicosia School Board, the president and members of the Parents’ Association.